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Here's an easy option to get that bike up and out of the way.

by Dremel ®


Supplies Needed For This Project


SM20-01 Saw-Max Tool Kit

Model # SM20


Multi-Max™ MM20

Model # MM20


MM14U Hook and Loop Pad

Model # MM14U


SM500 Wood & Plastic Carbide Wheel

Model # SM500


60, 120 and 240 Grit Sand Paper - Wood

Model # MM70W

Let's Get Started

To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.


Step 1

You will first need to cut your pallet in half, especially if you are short on space. To cut your pallet in half, fit your Saw-Max tool with a SM500 Wood and Plastic Blade. Here, we are using the edge of the middle support beam of the pallet as a reference point to achieve a straight cut and maintain support for the final shelf by having two support beams in place, one on each side. Tip: Turn your tool on, slightly away from the pallet and cut through the pallet one board at a time.


Step 2

Remove any excess slivers or roughness on your shelf by sanding it smooth using the Dremel Multi-Max MM20 with the MM14 Hook and Loop Pad and MM70W Sanding Paper. For the best results, work the entire sanding pad in a smooth, circular motion over the wood. Let the tool do the work, you do not need to apply large amounts of pressure on the tool for desired results.


Step 3

Mount your pallets: For the firmest hold, screw the back of your rack into the wall of the garage. It is best to hang the rack on the wall at studs, this will make the rack more sturdy and safe. Be sure to fix screws at all four corners. Tip: Here we doubled the storage room by hooking the bicycle rack onto the pallet itself and mounting the bicycle to the rack! To hang other biking essentials on your bike storage unit - simply hang s-hooks at any height you would like for easy access to helmets, pads, gloves or whatever you may need before the big ride!


Odds-n-ends Storage: Step-by-step instructions

Everyone needs to store odds-n-ends in their garage. Organizing those items can help you find them when you need them!


Step 1

Depending on your storage needs you may want to cut a pallet in half (see the Bike Storage Unit Step #1 - for how-to) or use a full-size pallet. Here, we had a lot of things to store so we decided to keep a full-sized pallet. Now, create shelf space within your pallet by removing a plank. To remove the plank with ease, use your Dremel Multi-Max tool fit with a MM452 Wood and Metal Flush Cut Blade. Tip: Turn the tool onto full speed (the # 10 on your speed dial). Begin cutting the nail by fitting the blade inbetween the plank you are aiming to remove and the frame of the pallet, moving the head of the tool gently from side-to-side to use as many teeth as possible on the blade. Though difficult to see, you will know when the nail is cut through as you feel resistance against the tool release. Use this technique to remove all 6 nails from the plank you are wishing to remove - 2 on each side and 2 in the middle.


Step 2

The plank you removed for shelf space will double as the shelf itself. Measure the width of the left and right inner of the frames of the pallet. Mark these lengths on the plank you just removed. Clamp the plank to your workbench and, using the Dremel Saw-Max with a SM500 blade, cut the two pieces of plank to size. Slide the two shelves into place and secure them by screwing them onto the plank they are resting on. As with the Bike Storage Unit, you may want to sand any rough spots on your shelf using the MM20 with MM70W Sandpaper. Finally, mount your pallet (see the Bike Storage Unit Step #3 - for how-to). Tip: We used S-hooks here as well to put away large lawn tools and even small BBQ tools!

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